ENERGYEN was awarded for export achievement of 30 million dollars in 2009 while
moving forward as a superb company by implementing cutting-edge technologies.
Major Experience List
Experience List
Client Korea East & West Power Co.,Ltd.
Project Dangjin Thermal Power Plant Unit 9 & 10 (1,000MW)
Site Dangjin, Korea
Dimensions ID 2800 x 14300L(TL to TL) / ID 4200 x 31700L(TL to TL)
Weight 168.4 ton
Experience List
Client Korea Midland Power Co.,Ltd.
Project Shinboryung Thermal Power Plant Unit 1 & 2 (1,000MW x 2)
Site Shinboryung, Korea
Dimensions ID 2800 x 14800L(TL to TL) / ID 4200 x 33800L(TL to TL)
Weight 170 ton
Experience List
Client HYUNDAI Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd.
Project Shuqaiq Steam Power Plant (660MW x 4)
Site Saudi Arabia
Dimensions ID 2650 x 10800L(TL to TL) / ID 3960 x 32600L(TL to TL)
Weight 146.2 ton