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Surface Condenser


A condenser is a large heat exchanger of the shell and tube type.

The main function of the condenser is to condense the steam coming from the steam turbine.
The auxiliary functions of the condenser are as follows:
- Vacuum maintenance of the rear end of the turbine blade
- Re-use of condensate as boiler water
- Removal of air from the non-condensable gas and system
- Recycle of vent and drain from the system

Surface Condenser


ENERGYEN can produce steam surface condenser with vertical or axial, rectangular or circular type condensers, and provides the following performance features:
- Uniform steam distribution over the tube bundle
- Minimized pressure drop by providing steam lanes and reducing obstruction in high velocity steam paths
- Optimized condensate reheating and deaeration
- Effective removal of non-condensable gas
- Suitable protection of high energy fluid
- Minimized the tube vibration damage and tube leakage
- Easy field assembly and maintenance

Our Steam Surface Condenser

Masinloc Steam Surface Condenser