ENERGYEN manufactured equipment totaling $1,000,000,000+ since inception,
upholding a tradition of quality and reliability in plant equipment manufacturing.
Quality assurance

Our philosophy for quality is that “we are all owners of our product”.
We believe that this quality-oriented mindset across all our staff and employees is a necessary step to gain the trust of our customers.


01. We establish and strictly adhere to quality standards to meet customer demands.
02. We intensify quality control of our products through rigorous quality inspections and record management at every stage
 of the process.
03. We conduct thorough preventative management activities to deliver products of the highest quality to our customers.
04. We continually carry out process improvement activities.
05. We constantly implement quality improvement and technological development.
06. We understand that time is of the essence when addressing customer complaints


Customer satisfaction

Problem-solving for customer claims

Establishing a service-oriented mindse

Acquiring reliability

Quality improvement and
technology development

Enhancing competitiveness

Establishing a quality
management system