ENERGYEN manufactured equipment totaling $1,000,000,000+ since inception,
upholding a tradition of quality and reliability in plant equipment manufacturing.

Global Power and
Industrial Plant Equipment Manufacturer

Founded in 1995, ENERGYEN emerged as a leader in the power generation equipment industry, boasting unique product differentiation and serving both global giants and domestic power plants. Celebrated for our $30 million export milestone in 2009, we've continually advanced through innovation and superior technology implementation.

At ENERGYEN, our customer-centric approach ensures the delivery of high-quality products tailored to meet specific needs, reinforcing our market presence internationally and establishing us as a pivotal industry hub. Our collaborations with global frontrunners like GE, Siemens, MHPS, Toshiba, and JGC underscore our commitment to excellence and strategic partnership development.

Our dedication to environmental stewardship drives us towards sustainable manufacturing practices and the pursuit of groundbreaking technologies. Investing over 5% of our annual turnover in R&D underscores our commitment to maintaining our status as a research-driven enterprise.

ENERGYEN is committed to enhancing our organizational strength across all sectors, particularly in R&D, by attracting top-tier talent and bolstering our core competencies.

This strategy not only improves our adaptability and application in existing power generating facilities but also extends to nuclear and renewable energy sectors. Through the provision of world-class power plant equipment, ENERGYEN is dedicated to supporting global efforts to mitigate climate change, marking our pledge to innovation, sustainability, and global environmental preservation.