ENERGYEN was awarded for export achievement of 30 million dollars in 2009 while
moving forward as a superb company by implementing cutting-edge technologies.

The biggest characteristic of ENERGYEN 's talent system is
capability-oriented personnel management and bold talent selection.

By making bold investment in identifying and grown talents,
we provide opportunities for them to grown into core talents.
With the belief that human resource development is the cornerstone of future growth,
ENERGYEN is concentrating all its capabilities on nurturing talented people who practice love.

Creating value for ENERGYEN

Employees consider the progress of the company as the progress of oneself
and strive for progress of the company and create and share happiness though this.

  • Active thinking

    Set goals and find creative and challenging solutions to accomplish them.
  • Proactive behavior

    Overcome any obstacles and achieve the set goals.
  • Thorough
    handling of work

    Complete the work in charge from planning to the end perfectly by figuring out the task in three dimensions.
  • Self-management

    As the subject of practicing happiness, one shall make decisions for oneself and smoothly manage one’s emotional and physical health, family and one’s person life.
  • Pursuit of Happiness

    Employees shall create and share happiness based on mutual trust and respect with the upper and lower-level colleagues and peers of the company and people around them, and grow together.