ENERGYEN manufactured equipment totaling $1,000,000,000+ since inception,
upholding a tradition of quality and reliability in plant equipment manufacturing.

History 2000`s
History 2000`s
Nov. 2021 Certified as ASME "N " Stamp
Nov. 2021 Renewed ASME "N3, NPT" Stamp
Mar. 2019 Certified as Japan Private Product
Nov. 2018 Certified as ASME "N3, NPT" Stamp
Aug. 2017 Certified as "R" Stamp from National Board
Jul. 2017 Renewed ASME "S, U & U2" Stamp
Jan. 2017 Completed the New Standard(ISO 9001:2015) Transition
Jun. 2015 Renewed ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
Dec. 2014 Acquired the certificates for ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
Jun. 2013 Acquired the certificate for ISO 3834
Nov. 2009 Awarded export achievements of 30 million US dollars
Apr. 2009 Company name changed to Energyen
Aug. 2008 Certified as "U2" Stamp from America's ASME
Oct. 2006 Certified as Grade "A" by INNO-BIZ  (Technology innovation-centric small and medium business)
May. 2006 Established R&D center within company
Apr. 2003 Registered as a qualified company for power generation in the south, middle and west of Korea.
Jan. 2003 Certified with quality assurance from Japan's HITACHI 
Sep. 2002 Certified as "U" and "S" Stamp from America's ASME
May. 2002 Company name changed to SPC Co., Ltd
Oct. 2001 Certified with ISO 9001(2000) / KA A9000(2001)
History 1900`s
History 1900`s
Jul. 1999 Declared as a trade business
Sep. 1998 Registered as a manufacturer of Korean Electrical 
Oct. 1995 Power generating equipment Seoul Precision Industry Co., Ltd Founded