ENERGYEN manufactured equipment totaling $1,000,000,000+ since inception,
upholding a tradition of quality and reliability in plant equipment manufacturing.
CCW Heat Exchanger


Closed cooling water heat exchanger is designed to cool water in closed systems. The cooled water is supplied to various cooling needs, such as pumps. The closed cooling water flows toward the shell of the heat exchanger and it is cooled by seawater or service water that flows toward the tube of the heat exchanger.

ENERGYEN brings a wealth of experience and expertise for basic and detailed designs of closed cooling water heat exchangers, which are installed in thermal and nuclear power plants, both domestic and overseas.


CCW Heat Exchanger


Also, ENERGYEN carries out the vibration, stress, and fatigue analyses to provide customer with improved quality and confidence.
ENERGYEN also can carry out the welding between tube and tubesheet with stainless, titanium, copper-nickel using the latest equipment such as orbital welding machines. We also employ advanced sea water corrosion protection techniques, such as rubber linings, ceramic coatings, and glass flake coatings.

ENERGYEN adheres to major codes and standards such as ASME, TEMA, JIS, as well as local regulations including PED, DOSH, METI and CSA