ENERGYEN was awarded for export achievement of 30 million dollars in 2009 while
moving forward as a superb company by implementing cutting-edge technologies.


This equipment extends life cycle of equipment by removing corrosive gases like dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide in the water supply of a power plant or industrial plant. It is designed and produced in vertical, horizontal, and single body forms, depending on the capacity of water supply.

- ENERGYEN’s Deaerator type incorporates many special design features that assure the efficient and reliable deaeration and offer the cost saving and easy maintenance.
- With over 20 years of know-how and technology, ENERGYEN has supplied over than 500 sets including 1000 MW in the Domestic/Overseas thermal power plant.



- Through continuous research and development, ENERGYEN can guarantee to remove dissolved oxygen by 5ppb and carbon dioxide by 100%.

- Through many experience, we have a solution to trouble shooting which has occurred frequently, and through continuous design
improvement, we have technological competitiveness differentiated from other engineering companies.
- Designs / manufactures / provides optimal deaerator in accordance with international relevant standards such as ASME, PED, JIS, KS, METI, DOSH, MIGAS etc.