ENERGYEN was awarded for export achievement of 30 million dollars in 2009 while
moving forward as a superb company by implementing cutting-edge technologies.


A DH Heater is used to heat district heating water in Combined Heat and Power Plant that simultaneously supplies electricity and warm water to a large apartment complex constructed in recent years or a small district heating system that uses waste heat from a city waste incinerator. The structure and the heating method are the same as the feedwater heater, but focused on featured usage, it is called as D.H. Heater, which is divided into Single-zone type and 2-zone type L. P. Heater.

ENERGYEN has superior technology and competitiveness for basic and detailed design of LP&HP Feedwater Heaters. ENERGYEN can perform design and manufacturing for LP&HP Feedwater Heaters in accordance with International Code(ASME, HEI, TEMA, METI etc).